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For over 30 years, David West of West Capital Advisors Inc. has been helping preretirees, professionals and business owners develop comprehensive solutions to decisions about their wealth. His longterm approach to financial planning helps people secure the monthly income they need in their retirement years, much like their paychecks did for their working years.

OUR Difference

At West Capital Advisors, C. James Bushman and David West both have years of experience in the Doctors Economic Research Project, a prestigious planning program designed to uncover the optimal ways to manage financial assets. They assist clients on the best ways to avoid unnecessary income taxes, inefficient financial structures, and uncompensated risk.

Featured Services

Mapping out your finances before you reach retirement isn’t just recommended, it’s often the only way to ensure your future comfort. If you don’t want to leave it to chance, you may need to calculate whether your current margins will be enough to sustain your lifestyle. Here are some of the services we offer here at West Capital Advisors.

retirement income planning

It’s a given that most people will not be making as much income in retirement as they did in their working years. So, how do you replace the difference? West Capital Advisors are experts in securing monthly income in retirement for retirees, so they do not have to focus on stock market worries or how they will generate moneythey have the answers to those questions.

tax-free retirement

West Capital Advisors has been helping folks in the Wasatch Front region to mitigate their taxes for over 30 years. This strategy is particularly important for those entering or about to enter retirement. Because David West and C. James Bushman offer strategies to lower taxes that consider the whole of a financial plan, their practices exceed what most CPAs can provide.

wealth management

David West and C. James Bushman share an abundance of experience in highlevel wealth management projects. Residents in Orem and across Utah know they can trust West Capital Advisors to provide the expertise they desire for their wealth management, whether it be in managing real estate holdings, investigating insurance options or monitoring asset values.




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